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We Pride Ourselves On Providing The Highest Quality Services To Our Clients

Prior to transporting, diverting, damming or pumping water to meet his needs, man lived near a natural water source or suffered the consequences. No wonder water is deep in our essence and attracts us magnetically, not only as an essential means to live but also to soothe, calm and cool the being.

Ponds & Palms, which was founded over 3 decades ago, has built a reputation for high-quality work and attention to detail that distinguishes it from other service providers. The company is the go-to for the construction & management of water bodies around South Africa.

We have also been engaged in repairing and upgrading water bodies which were either poorly constructed or lack the aesthetic or functional values required including in zoos, snake parks and crocodile farms and understand the needs of animals in relation to water bodies.

We also construct angling rivers and dams and since we are suppliers of fish, we understand their needs as well. We are also able to feed sewage and waste water through wetlands, thereafter directing the cleansed water into dams, rivers, ponds etc, thereby compensating for evaporation and making good and proper use of “unwanted water”.

Water Bodies

We specialize in creating water bodies just where you need them, for aesthetic and ecological purposes.


We stock a wide variety of products as well as Koi fish and the Giant Mega Carp. A large variety of water lilies are also for sale at the shop

Fishery Development

Improving the lives of small-scale fishers in South Africa is our goal. We offer expert advice to help create an environment where fish can thrive for many years to come.


We provide monthly and weekly maintenance in Fourways, Blair Athol, Dainfern and Waterfall Estate

Below are some examples of water bodies we have created

The Fishkeeping Experts

Explore our koi collection

We import and stock highly sought after Japanese Koi as well as excellent quality Koi imported from Israel.

Giant Angling Carp

We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality carp

These giant leather carp species are imported from the middle east and have been used to stock all “hot” fishing venues in Europe and elsewhere.  They can reach 70-80lbs or more and have enormous bulk!

They are magnificent pond fish as well and grow tame and are awe inspiring to watch, particularly after around 20kg (40lbs).